Who We Are.

TIALS STUDIO was founded in 2013 as a simple solution for start up brands to have a home where they can develop and produce their collections without restrictions. We were tired of 'the big guys' placing high minimum order quantities, putting the 'small guys' in the back of the production queue and throwing us off with fluctuating production costs. Most importantly, we wanted to control the quality of products, protect our designs and support fair trade fashion.

Over the years we have assembled a strong team of designers, pattern makers, sewers, cutters, sequin artisans and professionals that now make up our fair trade manufacturing studio in Bali, Indonesia where we currently sample and produce not just our in house brand, THIS IS A LOVE SONG, but also start up and established brands from all over the world, overseeing their entire production from sampling, production, quality control, and shipping.

In 2018, TIALS STUDIO has expanded by offering digital marketing services to brands, public figures, and companies seeking to strengthen their online presence. We understand how stressful it is to run the many aspects of a business and coordinate between various departments and therefore TIALS STUDIO aims to be your final destination for your unique brand needs, whether it is on a personal or enterprise level.

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Full Service Solution | Fair Trade & Ethical Practice | Low MOQ, High Quality | Competitive Pricing


Why work with us?


We are a full service designer and manufacturer for activewear, swimwear, intimates, contemporary apparel as well as special handworked sequin pieces working with worldwide clients and companies from startups to established.

We are known for our high quality, fair trade products and our ethical practices. We support ethical fashion by creating jobs in the community that follows legal guidelines, offer benefits such as healthcare while minimizing impact to the environment.

We welcome you with low MOQs whether you are seeking private label or custom designs.


We understand the importance of branding and unlike any other agency, we believe it is important for our clients to know that we are here from the beginning to the end, from raw product development until the final product converts to a sale. As consultants, we are here to guide and direct you to your goals.

Each client is different and we offer a variety of solutions and packages that are month-to month and tailored to your needs.

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Month To Month | Custom Strategies | High Optimization | Low Cost